Montagna Dei Vivi


In the 1778, the 15th of August, seven boys from Gressoney have climbed the Monte Rosa to search the lost valley, a golden age valley told in the legends of that periods.
Before them the glaciers were touched only by hunters or pilgrims or, from a few years, by some scientist. They were the first to climb a mountain only for desire to do that: with them, it may be said, arose the alpinism.
Their ascent to a new unexplored world resounds by the voices of the legends and belief whom go with them.

On 15 August 1778, seven men from Gressoney-La-Trinité climbed Mont Rose in search of a lost valley celebrated in legends of the time. Until then, only hunters and scientists had approached the glaciers. They were the first to scale a mountain out of a pure desire for discovery and were thus, in a sense, the fathers of modern climbing.

“I was born and grew up in the Valsesia, a valley that ends on the south-east side of Mont Rose where, below the glaciers, the mountain presents two steep rock faces. Obviously what lay behind these faces was unknown to man. The legend of a lost valley was told for years, as a way of expanding these inaccessible horizons” (GLG).

The history of climbing intersects with the legend. The voice of the director carries us away. We listen to the story while the musical punctuation follows a crescendo, reaching saturation as the summit approaches. Shots of the imposing mountains evoke the group’s imaginary journey and slip away like clouds filling the screen. Will we find the lost valley?

Paolo Moretti (Visions du Réel 2013, catalog)


Direction, cinematography, voice, production: Gigi Giustiniani
Raffaele Rezzonico
Andrea Graglia
Simone Lobina, Andrea Illuminati, Tavolo da Rigaio
Audio post-production:
Giovanni Isgrò
Valle d’Aosta Film Commission

Length: 14 min.
avchd 1080 25p, 16/9, colore
First public screening:
Visions du Réel 2013

© Gigi Giustiniani – esquilibrio 2013